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Biotech Career Center

The Biotech Career Center contains many useful biotech links, including companies (listed both alphabetically, and by geographical location and research focus), career resources (general and biotech focused), literature, and an extensive job search section.

The "Expert Advice Site for Beginners" provides the answers you really need that the expert sites assume you already know.

Trilogy Real Estate

Real estate/pricing information for the Trilogy division of Torrey Hills in North Coastal San Diego, CA.


These links are essentially glorified bookmarks that I can access from any computer connected to the Net. They aren't meant to be complete, just a set of personal links (hence, all the references to San Diego, CA, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and local soccer teams) that I often go to. There is a heavy slant towards science and technology (especially the Macintosh), along with some other stuff that I find interesting.

Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from some recent (and not so recent!) vacations and trips. Click on the small thumbnails to see the pictures (24 bit jpegs). If you have a slow connection, these images may take a while to load. Sorry :-(

Baker Family Genealogy

A summary of the Baker family line. This research was done by many, many people. I'm just the person who put it on the web.



You can also check out the page I used maintain for the Gasser lab at the University of California at Davis and see how I used to spend your tax dollars (the research, not the web page - I did that on my own time). Now I'm a scientist at Illumina, working on gene expression analysis with our fiber optic-based high density microarrays.

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